Featured innovations

Robinhood’s research and development drive is continual, as we identify market opportunities and create products to meet them. Here are some of our most recent innovations.

Touch-screen switches

Backlit touch-screen switches look great, plus they're fantastically easy to use and can be cleaned with a single wipe. Select extraction strength and illumination level with the touch of a finger.

Dimmable lighting

New generation fluorescent lighting provides outstanding illumination of the cooking area and generates very little heat. And Robinhood fluorescent light has a special benefit - it's dimmable! You can select a level of light that works for you, then dim it further for mood lighting when you've finished cooking.


The Supertub workstation

The one-piece solution to every laundry problem. This easy to install unit includes three huge storage drawers (the bottom one is deep enough for a bucket), a family-size tub and bench space for messy jobs. It's the first all-in-one laundry workstation.


Handy splashback baskets

Our laundry splashbacks do more than catch the splashes. They have a rail that holds handy storage baskets great for things like scrubbing brushes, plugs, sponges and cleaning products.


Three-way ball valve

This nifty little valve lets you run water into your Robinhood Supertub when your washing machine taps are turned off. It's a modification that we thought of first.