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RWB3CF9SS & RWB3CF12SS Wall Canopy

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Simply sophisticated

(Limited stock available of the 1200mm model in NZ – OBSOLETE PRODUCT)
Beautifully understated, this classically-styled 3 flare stainless steel wall canopy has glass detailing which ties in with the newest kitchen design concepts. You’ll enjoy high performance air extraction and the fingertip convenience of touch-screen controls.

Star features:

  • 3-speed fan adapts to every type of cooking
  • Dimmable fluorescent lighting illuminates the entire cooking surface
  • Backlit touch-screen switches are easy to use and clean
  • Automatic reminders for filter replacement.
  • Flexible installation with or without ducting.

Great innovation

New generation fluorescent lighting provides outstanding illumination of the cooking area and generates very little heat. And it’s dimmable! Select a high level of light for cooking, then dim it down for mood lighting.

Look for the distinctive box in stores

Don't forget that ducting comes separately

Your rangehood needs the right ducting so 'dirty' air is expelled. The ducting kit you need depends on the location of your rangehood and the structure of your home.


Choose the right ducting for your kitchen

Click the diagram that best suits how you plan to connect your rangehood to the outside to find the appropriate kit for you.

If your kitchen layout isn't like any of these, don't panic. Robinhood Uniduct kits have adaptors and accessories that can duct any rangehood in almost any situation.


Recirculation is an option

This RWB3CF9SS & RWB3CF12SS Wall Canopy model can be fitted with recirculation filters if the location of your rangehood makes it impossible to duct.

Recirculation is usually a last resort though, as ducting ‘dirty’ air to the outside is the recommended option for most rangehoods.

Learn more about recirculation



898 x 505 x 105mm
1195 x 505 x 105mm

Extraction fan

Gross Airflow: Up to 1048m3 per hour extraction power.*
Net Airflow: Up to 840m3 per hour extraction power.
*The airflow figures are calculated to the IEC61591 standard and includes a 10% tolerance due to motor performance variations.

Decibel rating

56db at fan setting 1.


Dimmable fluorescent lighting illuminates the entire cooking surface


Multi-layered micromesh. Dishwasher safe.


Incorporates a thermal overload function that senses extreme heat and disconnects power to the motor temporarily.


150mm diameter – top ducting


  • Stainless Steel with Glass


Charcoal filters

2514 (3-pack)

2515 (3-pack)


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