Ducting your rangehood

All rangehoods work at their best with
the right ducting ensuring 'dirty' air
is efficiently expelled to the outside.
Robinhood has universal ducting
systems that are designed to fit every
rangehood, clearing the air quickly and quietly.


Party time?

Imagine the dinner party scenario: Hours of work in the kitchen; hours of enjoyment around the table; hours of sleeping it off; and, when you get up in the morning, a kitchen that smells like it never happened. That's the test of a great rangehood.

Clearing the fog

At Robinhood we appreciate that choosing an extractor isn't an easy task. That's why this site is more than just a parade of nice looking rangehoods. For every model in our range, you'll find images, information and specifications to dissipate the fog of confusion and help you to make a smart choice.

What makes a Robinhood rangehood so good?

  • Touch-screen switches

    Backlit touch-screen switches look great, plus they're fantastically easy to use and can be cleaned with a single wipe. Select extraction strength and illumination level with the touch of a finger.

  • Dimmable lighting

    New generation fluorescent lighting provides outstanding illumination of the cooking area and generates very little heat. And Robinhood fluorescent light has a special benefit - it's dimmable! You can select a level of light that works for you, then dim it further for mood lighting when you've finished cooking.